Jewelry styling guide for the bride-to-be

18.05.2022 | Bridal | Trending | Blog

In recent times, we have experienced quite a dramatic shift in wedding dynamics, particularly in sheer size, with many couples opting for smaller, more intimate weddings. As many brides are choosing more simple and modern gowns, one may feel that present-day weddings have lost their pizzazz. However, at Dehres we believe that complementary bridal jewelry is an ideal way to elevate any marriage celebration, restoring the sparkle and ensuring that the bride feels extra special on her special day.

In this blog, we share some bridal jewelry suggestions to complement every wedding look.

⁠A toast to marriage. Waltz to your first dance in a trickle of diamonds in fluid motions. ⁠

J334079E, J372464B, J370156R



This happens to be one of the most versatile necklines to play around with. A medium-length necklace paired with dangling earrings would suit the delicate, romantic nature of the look. 

On your wedding day, you deserve the best. Featured in the video below is a breathtaking, intricate necklace consisting of 126 mixed-cut diamonds of over 33 carats, suspending 1.60 carat pear shape at the center. This necklace will no doubt will serve as a timeless memory of your special occasion. Complete your look with a pair of clustered floral earrings for a softer, romantic aura. 

Breathtaking and intricate. This necklace consists of 126 mixed-cut diamonds of over 33 carats. Suspended at the center is a 1.60 carat pear diamond.


5+ carats of pear shape diamonds form this quintessential bridal accessory. The diamond petals come together in the shape of flowers, exemplary of those you will have in your hands on your big day.



The nature of this style of dress leaves little space for a statement necklace. Put your attention on dangling earrings and a sparkling bracelet to create your star-studded entrance.

Known to symbolize tears of joy, the dangling earrings below are made of pear shape diamonds to celebrate your important milestone. Designed with movement in mind, the strings of diamonds form a delicate fringe that catches the light.

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⁠ The "Annabelle IV" is an orchestra of floral motifs rendered with mixed-cut diamonds romanticizing any outdoor garden wedding.⁠


Dangling earrings are made of almost exclusively E-G pear shape diamonds


With the focal point on the ears to frame the face, you can go timeless with your bracelet choice – a pear shape diamond bracelet (below) is an alternative to the the more common round brilliant diamond tennis bracelet. 

9+ carat straight row pear shape diamond bracelet - A timeless alternative to the brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet



Accentuate the long, lean neckline with a pair of earrings with substantial length. Featured below are an original creation made for the fun and eccentric woman; these slender chandelier earrings comprised of pear-shaped and marquise cut diamonds to create an elegant composure, while injecting movement through the swaying drops.

⁠All eyes on you. Complete your look with a pair of dangling chandelier earrings that sashay along with your wedding gown.


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⁠⁠A vision of eternal love. Fall for fine diamond sparkles to cement your forever.⁠ ⁠

J346373NB , J366991R , J358642E


Those who choose an asymmetric neckline often withhold bold personality traits. Bring the same level of confidence with a necklace of playful proportions. 

The “Primrose” necklace as shown below features a carefully orchestrated necklace combining a unique mix of diamond shapes – pear,  marquise, emerald and oval diamonds. A show-stopping, artful creation weighing over 43 carats.

Style the necklace with the matching “Primrose” drop earrings  – No doubt will these pieces put you in the limelight with these limitless sparkles.

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⁠Frame your big day with limitless sparkles. Asymmetrical designs offer a fresh take on a star-studded entrance.

J314826E , J371933N , J377269R


Like a halter neckline, a high-neck dress gives little room for a necklace to shine. In celebration of an eventful milestone, take it up a notch and go for earrings that offer unapologetic glamour with a dose of ethereal. 

These diamond earrings made of mixed-cut diamonds mimic the formation of a half wreath offering connotations of eternal life. In the context of a wedding, the motif interprets unconditional love dedicated to your marriage and lifelong partner.



A pendant necklace makes a favorable choice as it will complement the proportions of the V-styled neckline. With a triangular dip to flatter a woman’s chest, accentuating her neck and highlighting the collarbones, a pear-shaped diamond suspends from a string of round brilliant diamonds encapsulates the timeless qualities of femininity.

A 3+ carat pear shape diamond suspends from a string of D-F round brilliant diamonds with a total of 20+ carats.

J346383N, J331228P




Dehres has access to an exquisite portfolio of loose stones and masterfully crafted jewelry pieces.

If your heart is set on a particular loose stone, you may consider the option of creating a bespoke custom piece. The Dehres Team is here to help guide you every step of the way.

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