Easy Steps For High Jewelry maintenance

10.6.2019 | Useful Tips

There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing as watching your new piece of diamond jewelry dance in the light and sparkle with joy. And more often than not, our diamond jewelry also holds a lot of sentimental value, so it's really important to take good care of it so that its scintillation will always remind you of your life’s greatest moments.


If you wear your diamond jewelry daily, which often is the case with an engagement ring and diamond studs, it’s safe to say that it gets dirty. The use of hand creams, make-up, hair products, and even perfume creates a thin film of grease on and around your diamond. This layer of grease allows light getting into the stone but prevents it from returning back to the eye – thereby causing the diamond to lose its celebrated sparkle.  

Luckily, Dehres' Easy-Pro Jewelry Cleaning Kit is here to provide you a perfect yet simple solution to make your jewelry glisten again. It only takes a few easy steps to let your diamonds or precious gemstones regain their scintillation.

Before you start:

Cleaning your jewelry is the perfect time to also check its condition. Are any prongs loose? Does the center stone move around in its setting? If so, we recommend making a quick visit to one of our Dehres showrooms to fix the loose prong(s) before the stone falls out of the mounting.


Once you’ve confirmed that your jewelry is intact, you can start the following with Dehres’ Easy-Pro Jewelry Cleaning Kit:

Step 1:  

Spray the cleaning solution into the bristle area of the small brush provided.


Step 2:

Now gently scrub the jewelry surface with the brush. Make sure the bristles reach the small crevices and definitely don’t forget the back of the diamonds / precious gems.


Step 3:

Let your jewelry sit aside in the cleaning solution for a few minutes, allowing the formula to penetrate all sides of the stones, the mounting, gaps between links, prongs and bezels to loosen up all the grime that has developed on the surface.


Step 4:

Rinse the ring thoroughly under running water for a minute.


Step 5:

The most efficient way to remove the water residual and prevent it from leaving any stains (especially on the table of the center stone and the surface of the shank) is to blow dry the wet piece with a hair dryer. Be cautious NOT to put it on high temperature because remember, carat gold, platinum and titanium are good conductors of heat!

When you’re done, the diamond should scintillate with great brilliance.

Dehres' Easy-Pro Jewelry Cleaning Kit is a complementary after-purchase gift available to all of our esteemed private customers. We also offer professional prong check and jewelry cleaning upon visitation of our showroom in Landmark Hong Kong. You are also welcome to view our newest collections while your beloved jewelry is restored to the same condition as when you first bought it.



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