Fancy Color Diamonds: The Silver Lining in your investment portfolio

20.03.2020 | Diamonds | Industry News | Investment

The early months of 2020 have presented themselves to be a rather bleak time, even compared with the previously modest predictions.

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The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused major economic disruption. Predictions for the annual global GDP in 2020 is said to drop to 2.4%, a ½ percentage point less than the original expectation given in November.

This combined with the economic turmoil, as well as, political and geopolitical instability from 2019 doesn’t leave people with much to be hopeful about. This broad-based feeling of uncertainty backfires as the global economy experiences an unprecedented collapse in oil prices, the stock market, and other assets, wiping out trillions of dollars of value overnight. 


Looking up in 2020

In such uncertain times of anxiety and volatility, it is only natural for people to turn to hard assets, such as gold. Widely recognized as a safety valve that financial advisors recommend due to its ability to maintain a strong position, even gold prices have currently plummeted.

Other commodities are looking less attractive right now. Currencies are unstable, the Real Estate market is volatile due to high maintence costs and restrictive regulations, and, the current Interest Rate doesn't leave the public with any incentive to put their money in deposits.

And so the question remains. Where could one put one’s money to promote a relaxed feeling of safety, growth, and security. Now, more than ever, we believe the answer lies within the diamond industry. Specifically, we recommend investing in fancy color diamonds because of their mobility and ability to retain and grow value over time.


Why You Should Put Your Money in Fancy Colored Diamonds

The first and, often overlooked, reason is its miniscule size, which makes it easily transportable. Despite its small size, diamonds encapsulate great value that you can literally hold in the palm of your hand. The fact that you can hold so much capital within your personal possession is rather empowering and gives a sense of security that no other hard asset can provide.

Regardless of what happens to the global economy, the value held within your diamond physically cannot just disappear. In fact, it is easily transportable between borders and even generations. Interestingly, unlike stocks and shares they’re not registered, which means that they don’t need to be taxed. It is not without reason that our tagline is ‘Diamonds for Generations’.

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Growth of Fancy Colored Diamonds

In order to display the impressive opportunity of growing your capital with fancy colored diamonds, our team has selected a number of attractive stones that we currently have in house and backtracked what the going rate for them was about fifteen years ago. These examples with some phenomenal anecdotes from our business are sure to convince you that diamonds are a viable option for storing and growing your wealth.  



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