Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide ’19

What, How and Why you should gift your loved ones this Christmas Season.
12.12.2019 | Trends | Diamonds | Precious Stones

With the holidays just a few short weeks away, we’d like to offer you our selection of festive jewels that’ll make you the ‘best gift-giver’ at your family’s holiday gathering.


WHY & How

You’ve made a great decision choosing jewelry as your chosen Christmas gift. Here are 3 reasons why high jewelryis the best way to show your loved one how much they mean to you:

   I. Emotional – Jewelry provides its wearers with a tangible connection to a treasured moment in time. Every time your loved one will touch her piece of Jewelry, she will remember this special occasion.

   II. Lasts a Lifetime – Jewelry's remarkable durability makes it the perfect token of appreciation, not only for your significant other, but also for future generations.

   III. Fashionable – Diamonds and precious stones never go out of fashion. Dehres’ classic designs will accompany you to all your most prestigious events and help you stand out from the crowd.

When choosing the jewelry you’re going to gift, consider the the age and personality of the person you’re buying for, as well as, your relationship. There’s a right time for everything and naturally, with age come larger and more prestigious pieces of jewelry. If the person you’re gifting has a very outlandish personality, buy her jewelry to match her character, like earrings with a unique design and vibrant precious stone.

for wife

Tennis Bracelet: Tennis Bracelets are an excellent gift for your sophisticated woman. Not as flashy as earrings, or sentimental as her first diamond engagement ring, tennis bracelets imply a life of true commitment while adding a touch of chic sparkle to every outfit.


Ruby Snowflakes: Just as no two snowflakes are the same, show her how special she is to you with these diamond and pinkish-red ruby earrings. 



for mom

Ruby Bracelet: The matriarch of your family knows the value of untainted quality items. Show your appreciation for her with this unique bracelet that boasts seven Unheated Pigeon Blood Rubies. 


Sapphire Ring: Symbolic of power, strength, kindness and wise judgement, this Sapphire ring is the perfect ring for your beloved mother. And she is sure to appreciate the intricate detail that surrounds the vibrant center stone.


Dangling Earrings: Diamonds are any woman's best friend and these boast many diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Your mom will absolutely adore you when she receives this holiday present. 



for grandma

Brooch: Your grandma will be the life of the party at your next holiday event with this unique Paraiba and diamond Unicorn brooch. The best gift you can give her is the sensation of youth and vitality and this brooch will do just that.


for elder daughter

Dangling Red Berries: Dainty and elegant, this gift is more than just a pair of earrings. It's an invitation for your little girl to grow and transform into the incredible young woman she is. Watch her beam with pride as she wears her new favorite piece of jewelry from her favorite person. 


Ice Queen: Suitable for day and night, your beautiful daughter will appreciate this special token of your appreciation and recognition.


for younger daughter

For girls to young ladies turn to our sister company, Karma Creations, which offers 18K gold and fine quality diamond and precious stone bracelets, pendants and rings that grow with your girls. 



We wish you and yours a spectacular holiday season filled with many moments and joy and laughter that will be kept in your memory forever. 



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