10.7.2019 | DIAMOND TRENDS

Jewelry trends for this season have put great emphasis on earrings. On the runways, we’ve seen statement earrings so long and exaggerated that they simply can’t be missed. From experience, we know that diamonds don’t need to be over the top to catch all of the attention. Whether your personal take on accessorizing is more minimalistic or extravagant, the House of Dehres is sure to provide you with earrings that will elevate your style and confidence.


The earliest records of hoop earrings have dated back to the Sumerians in 2500B.C.E. Over history, various civilizations adorned their women’s (and men’s) ears with, often, golden hoops. In the last century, hoops were popularized by Cher and Madonna and are now, quite literally, back and bigger than ever.

Fusing the history heavy and very trendy hoops with classic diamonds is sure to turn heads. However, these are far from your standard round ones. Our award-winning designers have, once again, reinvented the classic hoop and transformed them into edgy time-pieces which are guaranteed to bring an element of chic, whether worn with your daily office-wear or an elegant gown.


Asymmetric earrings are a great way to decorate your ears in your own personal style. Asymmetric means different things to different wearers. To one it might be choosing to wear one earring of two different pairs that you own. An example of this would be choosing an over-the-top dangling earring for one ear and a simple stud to balance it out on the other. However, to another wearer, asymmetric might mean purchasing earrings that were created to showcase their mismatched beauty, such as in the case of our white and yellow diamond earrings displayed. 



Larger (& Longer) Than Life

Exaggeration appears to be the go-to this season, which is very reminiscent of the 80’s. Whether geometric or floral, dainty or robust, these XXL earrings can make any otherwise understated outfit pop. Featured together are three takes on big earrings by the House of Dehres designers. The first two are all glitter and glam, making any woman feel even more woman when she puts them on. The last pair boasts length perfectly combined with tasteful minimalism. 




Studs for Days

Some trends never go out of style and diamond studs are one of those things. Studs are the perfect minimalistic addition to any outfit. Whether you're wearing a lavish outfit that you would like to balance out or a tailored suit, studs always add a sophisticated sparkle. 

Studs represent sheer minimalism, but in no way do that equate boring. When purchasing your ideal pair, there are a number of things for you to consider, namely the size of the stud, the color of the diamonds, and their cut. White diamonds set in platinum gold are the classic choice but make it your own by trading your traditional brilliant cut white diamonds for a more edgy radiant cut yellow diamond pair. 

1.5ct each fancy vivid yellow diamond studs

Color me Beautiful

Black is fashion's iconic go-to. It's classy, elegant, and timeless. Adorning your ears with a pop of color is the perfect way to accentuate your black outfit and bring some fun into your wardrobe. 




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