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28.06.2022 | Return to Nature | Trending | Blog

In today’s technology-driven age, we often find ourselves plugged in at all times. We’ve become residents of a digital jungle, so to speak. It’s worth taking the time, however, to just detach from the daily digital grind, and remind ourselves of our roots and the one source of inspiration we have turned to since the very beginning: nature.

Nature has played an invaluable role in the growth of Dehres. Dehres’ Founder, Ephraim Zion, began his career in Israel as a diamond cutter, working with some of the most gorgeous diamonds produced by nature. Upon mastering his skills, he travelled the world and established Dehres as a leader in the jewelry industry. Our designs incorporate diamonds formed over millions of years and we are constantly in awe of the stones we come across on our journey. We thought it would be fitting to take a look at some of our pieces that remind us to appreciate the truly majestic beauty of nature. Beyond extravagance, we hope that each piece carries a sense of serenity and invigorates the wearer’s perception of life.   

J340671N, J362205R

The magnificent "Nobility" necklace features 7 breathtaking Colombian emeralds, averaging an 3.70+ carats each. With exquisite green tones that will remind you of rich, lush foliage found deep within rainforests, each emerald is nestled between stunning diamonds in a leaf-like motif, producing a romantic and mysterious aura.

Paired up with a chic ring featuring an ultra-rare, no clarity enhancement, 6.60+ carat Colombian emerald - this set exudes ‘Queen of the Jungle’ vibes.

J316079N, J371168P


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This captivating piece has been artfully designed to be worn with the pendant, or simply as a timeless white diamond necklace. Encased within an orbit of pear-shaped white diamonds, the color contrast of this magnificent 10+ carat fancy intense yellow diamond brings a quality of golden warmth with every sparkle. The eyes are drawn directly to that alluring yellow centerpiece; a versatile yet bold piece. 

J315181BAN, J236129E

The exotic bangle takes inspiration from nature's feathered animals. Wrapping around the wrist with a vivid green pear-shaped Zambian emerald sitting at its heart, it’s most definitely commanding and eye-catching. Each vane of the sparkling feather is considered to bring airiness to the piece. The expression ‘pretty as a peacock’ certainly applies when describing this masterpiece. ⁠

Delicate and intricate, this fancy colored diamond bracelet incorporates a spectrum of colors: green-yellow, yellow, orange-yellow, and light pink diamonds. Paired up with a simple yet elegant floral motif ring, the diamonds here will have you thinking of dainty flowers sprinkled throughout gardens and forests.


The gorgeous earth tone of this ring truly pays homage to nature. This ring includes a fancy dark orange-brown diamond with a unique modified kite shape. Complemented by brilliant cut and marquise diamonds, this ring truly exudes a tropical vibe that sets it apart from any other design out there.

J360462R, J378823B
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Finally, we have two exceptionally rare and truly majestic Columbian emerald pieces.

This breathtaking masterpiece of a bracelet will undoubtedly capture anyone’s attention. With no clarity enhancement, these 10 exquisite emeralds averaging 2.30+ carats each are mesmerizing in this sleek and modern design bracelet. 

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Matching the bracelet is this extravagant octagonal, step-cut Columbian emerald nestled amongst two trapezoid side diamonds.  This 6+ carat non-oiled emerald possesses a natural, majestic green and is spectacular for its weight, color and pure clarity. This sizeable beauty is the definition of rare beauty. 

Whether you prefer bold emeralds or delicate diamonds, we can all agree that we owe nature a big thank you for never ceasing to amaze and inspire us.

Which piece and/or set was your favorite amongst these? Let us know in the comments below.


As we reflect on nature's offerings through jewelry, we are also reminded of our roots and how Dehres first began.

Today, Dehres is an internationally acclaimed family enterprise, renowned in the world of diamonds and precious gems. Based on integrity, passion and expertise for generations, the Zion family is dedicated to the art of creating the finest, most magnificent jewelry and producing some of the most outstanding collections ever showcased. The Zions have worked privately with an exclusive clientele on a global level. The family is pleased to extend its offering and share with you its exquisite pieces of enduring beauty.

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Founded in 1985, Dehres, the recognized name is derived from an acronym composed of the names of each member of the Zion family: Daniela, Ephraim, Hannah, Ronen, Erez and Simon. The name symbolizes unity, strength and a shared passion - striving to redefine the epitome of luxury jewelry.

Since then, The House of Dehres has made its mark on the global frontier through ever-growing collections of elegant, timeless works of art by using the finest gemstones coupled with award-winning designs. Today, Dehres is led by three generations of the Zion family, continuing the legacy of integrity, expertise and extraordinary beauty.

The Zion family is involved in every aspect of the beautiful story of how each piece of jewelry transforms into a work of art. We are invested in the process from scouring the globe for rare and spectacular stones to artfully crafting one-of-a-kind creations to finally delivering personalized services to customers.

The gems are cut and polished to perfection and brought to life by our master cutters, telling a story and with the vision of it becoming a piece to be admired for generations to come. The unrivaled beauty becomes the foundation of Dehres' masterpieces worthy of the Zion family name.


Dehres has access to an exquisite portfolio of loose stones and masterfully crafted jewelry pieces. If your heart is set on a particular loose stone, you may consider the option of creating a bespoke custom piece. The Dehres Team is here to help guide you every step of the way.

Get in touch to arrange a private consultation and view some of the world's finest jewels. 



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