Statement Jewelry to Welcome the Lunar New Year

18.01.2022 | Precious Stones | Trends

The Chinese zodiac wheel will soon rotate, as 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger denotes strength, rebellion, impulsiveness, and braveness. In Fengshui context, the characteristics specific to this zodiac sign encourage a year filled with bold actions. 2022 invites a Water Tiger. Water is a powerful natural force to conquer fire and tackle obstacles in its path.

Make a note of injecting greens, reds, and yellows as accents in the form of jewelry to bring prosperity and vitality according to the Chinese scale of color symbolism as you visualize the new year ahead.


Deck out in luscious green emeralds to reap the positive energy embedded in the generative color. Through the lens of Chinese culture, green symbolizes health, patience, sensitivity, harmony, wealth, and purity.

The spotlight of this regal creation is on the pair of impressive pear-shaped Colombian emeralds of close to 40 carats in total which perfectly encapsulates the vibrant energy of the spring season. Resembling the delicate florets of a blooming flower, the pair of emeralds are complemented with oval-cut diamonds and surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds. 

J372739E , J319508EP

A plump oval-shaped Colombian cabochon emerald of 3.17 carats is surrounded by marquise diamonds for a modern framing. Peeking through the frame are 18 karat yellow gold prongs that secure the main stone for a subtle visual contrast. The band is set with a unified row of sparkling round diamonds to complete the look with luxuriousness.



Red is a prominent color in Chinese culture. People wear red during weddings, festivals, and significant celebratory events for its uplifting symbolism of happiness, beauty, vitality, luck, and success.

An artful creation inspired by the red pigments of seasonal leaves. Three round-cut rubies form the basis of the design with intertwined details to replicate the organic lines of nature.


An oval-cut Burmese Pigeon Blood ruby of 10.08 carats is set with an 18 karat double claw prong setting for contrast. The trapeze-cut diamonds on the side paired with a slender band allows your finger to appear long and elegant.



Yellow of a golden hue is held high in prestige. Only ruling figures throughout Chinese history were able to adorn the color, including the emperors of Imperial China. Royal palaces, altars, and temples are decorated in yellow to intensify the symbolism of neutrality and good fortune. Until today, yellow remains heavily celebrated for its prosperous values.

Relatively modest in design, the clean lines make it a versatile piece for daily attire. An emerald-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond of 2.15 carats is set between two square emerald-cut diamonds of identical size to form a trio ensemble. The band is kept intact to follow a minimalistic aesthetic.

A radiant-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond of 3.45 carats is framed with a halo of round fancy yellow diamonds for a dominant yellow effect. The ring sets mixed-cut diamonds around the main stone to extend its extravaganza.

An elevated proposition to the usual plain white diamond tennis bracelet. This version totaling 43.81 carats is made out of radiant- and cushion-cut yellow diamonds paired with emerald-cut white diamonds to create an allure. Your finger is not left behind, as there is a matching ring centered around a radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond of over 6 carats set between two trapeze-cut diamonds that are purposefully angled to achieve a desired three-dimensional effect.

J323213B, J311837R

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