what to look for in an engagement ring?

08.02.2022 | Diamonds | Trends

While you and your beloved partner are in talks of marriage, perhaps it is time to also plan shopping for an engagement ring to gear up for the proposal. With the abundant choices on the market, engagement ring shopping can become overwhelming. Here are our top tips to consider, direct from our Managing Director & Head of Sales, Mr. Ronen Zion, before making a purchase. This is a highly-recommended read before exploring further. 

3+ carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring complemented with two smaller 0.30 carat pear-shape side diamonds



These quality gradings are reliable indicators when assessing the value of the diamond:

– Cut: A grading of how well a diamond is cut. The construct of the diamond affects how it reflects light. Also refers to the shape.

– Color: A measurement of how colorless a white diamond is.

– Clarity: A grading of how flawless a diamond is, both internally and externally.

– Carat: A weight measurement that can give you an idea of how large a diamond is. This is sometimes overlooked, as certain cuts appear larger than the other diamonds of their same carat weight. 


“This is definitely one of the most fun parts of the engagement ring purchase journey”, notes Mr. Zion.

If your significant other has given you some indication of their personal preference(s), then your consultation is all smooth sailing. If not, Mr. Zion recommends looking at their personality, hand shape, and engagement ring trends for inspiration. “Opting for a round brilliant stone is always a good, timeless choice. However, we have definitely noticed an increase in oval, pear, radiant, and emerald cut sales when it comes to engagement rings”. 

Remember, round brilliant diamonds command a premium over your other shapes, while fancy shape diamonds, such as pear, marquise, oval etc. also retain their value.

3+ carat emerald-cut diamond with trapezoid side stones; a popular choice for the more modern individual.



At Dehres, you can select between Platinum and 18K gold. Alloying pure gold with other metals could not only increase the hardness and durability of the gold, but also give you what we recognize as rose, white, or yellow gold. If choosing white metal for the band, “we recommend using platinum, as it feels sturdier and is more resistant to, both, tarnish and scratching”.


After determining the center stone’s shape and metal of choice, comes a decisive move on the setting style. “Seeing as this ring will be worn forever, we often suggest the Client opt for a timeless setting that will always be loved”, shares Mr. Zion. You could choose a classic solitaire or add a little more detail with either two complementary side stones, a pavé-set Halo, or channel-set band. However, the options are endless and range from split shank, chevron, East-West, or tension settings, all being good choices [See below for just some of the many ring settings offered at Dehres]


When purchasing an engagement ring, budget is always an important factor. In order to stick to your original budget, Mr. Zion recommends playing around with the carat size, color, and clarity, to find a stone that is most suited to you and your values. While some select a larger carat size, others opt for colorless or less included (more flawless) diamonds. “When it comes to engagement rings I always advise my Clients to go for color over clarity (with the exception of D colored diamonds, which command premiums),” notes our founder, “with most people opting for 1-3 carat diamonds of D to H color and VVS to VS clarity, with some even selecting SI”. Regardless, always keep an open mind as your preferences may shift when seeing things in real life.

A timeless, brilliant round diamond in a solitaire setting



While an engagement ring holds sentimental value by marking an important milestone for a couple, it is also comes at a higher value. All diamonds at Dehres are accredited and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which assures your purchase.


Going custom is a viable route if the range of pre-set engagement rings do not match your expectations. Dehres offers bespoke services where our customers gain access to rare, world-class diamonds. The tailored service invites you to work closely with our experienced sales team and award-winning designers, to create your alluring jewel that highlights the beauty of the stone and reflects your essence.

Need more advice on choosing the ultimate engagement ring, or timeless piece for your loved one? The Dehres Team are here to help guide you every step of the way.


Get in touch to arrange a private consultation and view some of the world's finest jewels. 



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