Among the world's most prized gemstones



The rarity of Paraiba Tourmalines, especially Brazilian, makes them legendary amongst precious gemstones and one of the most valuable stones in the world. With their unearthly blue-green color, derived from their high copper content, what sets these gemstones apart is both their exceptional neon glow and value; Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil can sell for up to six figures for a single carat. These gems are so prized that just one is uncovered for every 10,000 diamonds mined.



Divine Saturated color & Ample Size

Unearthed from the mines of Mozambique, this noteworthy 12.59 carat cushion-cut, flawless Paraiba is of divine, saturated color and ample size. The simplicity of the design allows the Paraiba to shine to the fullest. All eyes on the gem alone.⁠ ⁠ ⁠⁠


 J327918R – On hand video


Ring of Reigning Beauty⁠

An exceedingly rare, non-heated Brazilian Paraiba of unprecedented color – a deeper vivid blue similar to that of sapphires. A true gemological magnificence crowned in opulent diamonds.⁠

Treasure it: 0.84ct non-heated oval Paraiba Tourmaline, 0.35ct round Brazillian Paraibas, over 2.00cts of mixed-cut white diamonds. ⁠




Vibrancy meets Virtue

⁠Bold colors and a intricate design unite in these earrings that enchant with gemstones and timeless sophistication.⁠⁠ ⁠

Treasure it: 2.27/2.26ct pear-shape Mozambique Paraiba, 1.22/1.12ct oval Mozambique Paraiba, 0.49ct pink sapphires, over 6.00cts mixed-cut diamonds

Pear Prominence

Complementing pear-shape diamonds magnify the captivating vivacity of a 2.97ct pear-shape Paraiba. A striking display that lets the gemstone’s natural beauty shine through.⁠

Treasure it: Greenish-blue 2.97ct Mozambique Paraiba, ten pear-shape diamonds totalling 2.60cts.




 J305333P, J386131N

One of our most prized

One of our most treasured pieces is this 23.37 carat Fancy Yellow diamond pendant. Its rich yellow tone is accentuated by the artful placement of pear-shaped white diamonds and showcased on our single-row cocktail necklace. Together, the pieces creates a look of elegance through the juxtaposition of rich yellow tones and the sparkle of the white diamonds. ⁠ ⁠



J367454R, J367451E

Only One Found for every 10,000 diamonds mined

Capturing the beauty of exotic underwater blooms, this set stars rare Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines. Each highly desirable Paraiba has a sea-like, greenish-blue hue and is surrounded with mixed-cut diamonds to evoke the organic curves of seafloor treasures. A wavy ring band completes the aquatic inspiration.⁠


Treasure it: Two precious drops of Treasure it: Ring – 0.75ct oval Brazilian Paraiba, 1.90+cts mixed-cut diamonds. Earrings – 0.51/0.49cts oval Brazilian Paraiba, 3.10cts marquise and pear-shaped diamonds.⁠



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A Jewel Beyond Compare

Unveiling the lustrous wonder of a rare 2.73 carat Brazilian Paraiba embraced by a fan of diamonds. A sizeable Brazilian Paraiba of such profound depth of color, is a rare sighting today. ⁠  

Treasure it: 2.73ct Brazilian pear-shape Paraiba, 1.96ct pear shape diamonds and 1.02ct marquise diamonds.



Mesmerizing Beauty As they gracefully sway and move, all eyes are drawn to the heart of these intricately crafted earrings and its mesmerizing Paraiba Tourmalines in an electrifying shade of greenish-blue. ⁠

Treasure it: 2.48/2.30ct pear-shape Mozambique Paraiba, 4.80+cts mix cut diamonds, 1.12cts pink sapphires ⁠ ⁠ ⁠



Paraiba Blue Titan


A starburst of diamond petals frame a Paraiba blue titan. Within a floral-inspired arrangement, acutely tilted off-axis, is a 1.55ct pear-shaped Paraiba from Brazil. ⁠⁠

Treasure it: 1.55ct greenish-blue Paraiba Tourmaline, over 1.40cts marquise and pear-shaped diamonds⁠




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