Golden Allure

Delight in our collection of fancy yellow diamond jewelry, imbued with the warmth and brilliance of summertime



As one of the most sought after jewels of today, the most coveted yellow diamonds are the ‘Fancy’ grades, ranging from ‘Light’ to the pinnacle ‘Vivid’ grade with intense color and saturation. Only the most experienced master-cutters have the unique ability to uncover and elevate the inherent warmth, radiance and inimitable sparkle of these rare and exquisite diamonds, and Dehres has become synonymous with Fancy Color diamonds such as pink, red, blue, green and orange; transforming exceptional stones into brilliant works of art.


The Enchantment of Yellows

With an intense saturation and uniform color dispersion, immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this 20.00+ct carat Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond ring that also transforms into a pendant. A mesmerizing wonder of nature that captures the essence of a perfect golden hour.⁠⁠

Treasure it: 20.00+ct F.V.Y. centerpiece, pear-shape diamonds totalling 3.88cts and 2.94cts of marquise diamonds


 J385006R – Video;  Ring can be worn as a pendant


Rays of Light

Marquise diamonds encircle the Fancy Vivid Yellow cushion-cut centerpiece amplifying its lustrous ‘rays of light’ and intensifying the yellow diamond’s warm glow.⁠ ⁠ ⁠⁠
Treasure it: 4.41ct cushion-cut F.V.Y.  diamond; marquise diamonds totalling 3.65cts




Harmonious Duo

⁠A harmonious duo of Fancy Yellow radiant-cut diamonds adorned by pear and marquise shapes, creating a delicate tapestry around the finger.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Treasure it: Two 1.08/1.05ct F.Y. radiant-cut diamonds with mixed-cut pear and marquise diamonds⁠

One of our most prized

A rich yellow tone accentuated by the artful placement of pear-shaped diamonds, this oval 23.37 carat Fancy Yellow diamond pendant is one of our most treasured pieces. Showcased on our single-row cocktail necklace, together, the pieces create a look of elegance through the juxtaposition of yellow tones and the sparkle from the white diamonds. ⁠ ⁠


 J305333P, J386131N


 J305333P, J386131N

One of our most prized

One of our most treasured pieces is this 23.37 carat Fancy Yellow diamond pendant. Its rich yellow tone is accentuated by the artful placement of pear-shaped white diamonds and showcased on our single-row cocktail necklace. Together, the pieces creates a look of elegance through the juxtaposition of rich yellow tones and the sparkle of the white diamonds. ⁠ ⁠



J373219E, J373211EP

Sunlight Earrings⁠

Swaying gently like drops of sunshine, these earrings exhibit the beauty that arises from matching differing shapes and colors, complementing as one.

Treasure it: Two precious drops of F.Y. pear-shaped diamonds of 33.27cts in total, each dangle gracefully beneath a radiant-cut yellow diamond and a square-cut emerald white diamonds nestled between.



An Ode to Shape & Movement
These earrings are expertly crafted to capture the interplay of classic and contemporary through mixed-cut diamonds. Each F.Y. pear-shape diamond is framed by the sleek lines of modern white baguette diamonds and smaller rounds for curvature.⁠


Sun & Moon

At the pinnacle of the grading scale, lie the Vivid yellow diamonds, with its striking saturated color. This mesmerizing ring showcases a 5.31 carat Fancy Vivid yellow oval diamond with saturated, even color that exemplifies the finest Vivid yellows. Half moons side stones enhance brilliant golden glow of this remarkable stone.

J385615R, J323213B


Rhythmic Beauty

The graduating Fancy Yellow and Fancy Light radiant-cut diamonds in this bracelet come together in a mesmerizing display of rhythmic beauty. ⁠

Treasure it: Featuring a 8.13ct F.Y. radiant ring with trapeze side stones totalling 1.81cts; straight-row bracelet with 30.34cts of F.Y. and F.L.Y. diamonds, plus 10.00cts of white emerald-cut diamonds in between.⁠ ⁠⁠


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