Nature's Noble Rarities



Nature endows us with wonders that awe and inspire. Our featured gemstone collection pays homage to three of the most prized varieties – sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Within are gems displaying the full spectrum of rarity, from non-heated ‘Pigeon Blood’ rubies’, to non-heated sapphires of ample size and desirable ‘Royal Blue’ colour.



Transforming gems of such finesse jewelry requires tremendous care and vision. Through design to expert cutting and intricate craftsmanship, their innate radiance are brought to full fruition. 



The Dehres team hope you appreciate these unique pieces as much as we take great passion selecting and designing each one to celebrate nature’s most noble expressions. 


The Majesty of Nature's Hues

A magnificent non-heated 27.00+ct Royal Blue Burmese sapphire, left in its natural state to preserve the gem’s intrinsic beauty, forms the centerpiece of this timeless ring. Rarely do sapphires of such fine color and clarity occur without augmentation through heat treatment.⁠

J306 087R

 J306 087R – On hand video.


The 6.00+ carat Mozambique ruby glows with a saturated, ‘vivid red’ color. Framed on each side by half moon diamonds, this ruby collector’s piece showcases one of nature’s most coveted gemstones in spectacular brilliance.⁠


J287 402R


J350 371E

Pristine Pigeon Blood Red

⁠ It is a rarity to come across rubies that showcase nature’s most exquisite attributes in their entirety. These unheated Burmese rubies, with a combined weight of 11.00+cts, are highly coveted for their exceptional color and unheated properties. The impeccable precision of their cuts allows for the utmost expression of the perfect red. ⁠

A cabochon/sugarloaf allows the stone to narrate itself

The dome-shaped cabochon/sugarloaf is amongst the earliest cut styles for gemstones. This 11.00+ carat Colombian emerald is without clarity enhancement, where the shape prizes the stone’s innate character. Contours accentuate the lively depth of green.⁠



 J379 569R


 J305333P, J386131N

One of our most prized

One of our most treasured pieces is this 23.37 carat Fancy Yellow diamond pendant. Its rich yellow tone is accentuated by the artful placement of pear-shaped white diamonds and showcased on our single-row cocktail necklace. Together, the pieces creates a look of elegance through the juxtaposition of rich yellow tones and the sparkle of the white diamonds. ⁠ ⁠



J326 462R

Blue Depths⁠

Did you know that less than 10% of gemstones found in Burma are sapphires? Even rarer still are those that require no heat treatment and are also over 12.00ct, such as this divine one. 




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J346 581B 


A“Crimson” Masterpiece – Unheated Pigeon Blood Rubies ⁠


Showcasing an impressive collection of thirty-two unheated oval Burmese rubies. Their striking ‘Pigeon Blood’ color is accompanied by a subtle bluish-purplish tint, hence the name ‘Crimson’.⁠ Each ruby glistens in a garden of diamonds. ⁠⁠




J349 406E


Emerald Blooms



Emeralds, encircled by sparkling diamonds, shine in a graceful floral motif. With a total weight exceeding 6.00ct, the Columbian ‘vivid green’ gems showcase their unenhanced clarity, radiating their natural beauty. ⁠


J364 918R


Popularity of Unheated Sapphires Surge  


Natural gems of this size and caliber are seldom discovered. As the popularity of unheated sapphires surge, the limited supply makes finding large gems from major sources a challenge. ⁠

This piece is a sizeable, 33.00+ct, non-heated, Sri-Lankan sapphire of exceptional ‘Royal Blue’ color.⁠⁠⁠





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