Pink and blue diamonds are among some of the rarest and most valuable colored diamonds.  As highly coveted “fancy color” diamonds, pinks and blues stand for only a tiny percentage of diamonds, and among those, only a select amount exhibit rich, vivid color. Records attesting to their exclusivity include individual stones that have fetched US$3 to over US$4 million per carat. Their inherent rarity only adds to the appeal of these exquisite and exceptionally beautiful colored diamonds.


A Blossom of Rarity: The 'Scarlet Rose' Pink Diamond

Of all diamonds unearthed, only a minuscule fraction are pink and highly desired by collectors; experts predict fewer large pinks will emerge as mines age. ⁠

Rarer still are diamonds of Fancy Vivid Purple-pink color. Our ‘Scarlet Rose’ ring allows the 5.00+ct VVS1 diamond to create a statement all on its own. ⁠

J325 442R

 J325 442R – On hand video.


Type IIb Rare Wonder & 1 in 10,000 Argyle Pink⁠


Rare diamonds are united in this solo stunner centering a 3.00+ct Fancy Vivid Blue Internally Flawless diamond certified as a type IIb – accounting for less than one half of one percent according to GIA. Complemented by Pink Argyles that display a distinctive pink color that is rarely found other than the Argyle mine – only about 1 in 10,000 diamonds exhibit such pink.⁠

J359 573R (above)


J387 386R

Marquise Pink Diamonds

In the realm of pink diamonds, the marquise shape is uncommon. Few diamonds undergo the intricate cut required to form this distinctive shape due to the level of difficulty. When cut well, the marquise-cut enhances the diamond’s ability to refract and disperse light, unveiling an extraordinary display of sparkle and fire.


Visionary Union⁠

Alone they dazzle, aligned they gleam; nature’s exceptional blue and pink diamonds in a visionary union.⁠

Treasure it: 3.70ct Fancy Intense Blue VVS1/VS2 pear-shaped diamonds with round pink diamonds.


 J368 204EP /J372 826E


J325 442R,  J370 199R,  J381 537R⁠

The Rare & Remarkable⁠

The Zion Family’s passion for Fancy Colored Diamonds is evident in these pieces within our collection.


5.00+ct Radiant-cut Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink⁠
5.00+ct Radiant-cut Fancy Purplish-Pink⁠
3.50ct Radiant-cut Fancy Intense Blue⁠ 

J317 611R 


A ‘Rare’ Alignment of Color⁠s⁠ ⁠



Behold a work of unsurpassed rarity—a juxtaposition of diamonds so seldom found, joined as one. Featuring blue and pink diamonds prized over the world for their scarcity, this piece aligns the rarest of colored diamonds .⁠

Treasure it: 1.60+ct Radiant-cut Fancy Light Blue diamond, two half-moon Light Pink and Very Light Pink diamond side stones 0.30+cts each⁠ ⁠⁠


 J325 442R 


The ‘Scarlet Rose’ Pink Diamond⁠


Couldn’t get enough of our ‘Scarlet Rose’ ring (pictured above)? Here’s a closer look at this 5+ carat collector’s dream and its Fancy Vivid Purple-pink color. ⁠⁠


 J292 919R


A Diamond of Distinctive Color   



Emeralds, encircled by sparkling diamonds, shine in a graceful floral motif.

With a total weight exceeding 6.00ct, the Columbian ‘vivid green’ gems showcase their unenhanced clarity, radiating their natural beauty. ⁠⁠⁠⁠



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