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In recent times, we have experienced quite a dramatic shift in wedding dynamics, with many couples opting for smaller, more intimate weddings. As many brides are choosing more simple and modern gowns, complementary bridal jewelry is an ideal way to elevate any marriage celebration.

Be inspired by Dehres’ bridal jewerly with sentimental pieces that will perfectly complement your final look and commemorate your special day…



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⁠Cement your big day with a glitzy centerpiece. Choose between these dashing marquise-cut, pear- and oval-shaped diamonds for their relentless beauty.

J352909R, J370967R, J378828R

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⁠Frame your big day with limitless sparkles. Asymmetrical designs offer a fresh take on a star-studded entrance.

J314826E , J371933N , J377269R

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This 5 carat emerald-cut diamond ring complemented with trapezoid side stones, will dazzle with your every move.⁠



Interested in trying these bridal pieces? Get in touch to arrange a private consultation and view some of the world’s finest jewels.



Colored diamonds are prized by their bevy of rare colors, from auctions at Christie’s to the oldest houses of master jewelers. Its scarcity as a natural specimen gifted by nature allows it to command heavy price tags, breaking the million-dollar mark for diamonds showcasing an exceptional body of color supported by considerable carat weight.

The high demand for colored diamonds has influenced the appreciation of prices from up to 1 to 2% per quarter.

Dehres perceives sourcing fancy colored diamonds as not only an investment but a lifelong mission to preserve a curated portfolio of the world’s rarest diamonds to honor its legacy…


 A stunning fancy intense bluish-green diamond of 2.80+ carats is elegantly set with a double halo of pave pink and white diamonds. The soft rounded corners give the piece a distinctive plump that adds to its charm. The band is perfectly wrapped in white diamonds completing the dazzling spectacle.   ⁠ 




The combination of the two alluring pink diamond hues creates an unmatched beauty. ⁠With this ring, the spotlight goes to the 4 carat centerpiece that has an effortless brilliance with it certified as internally flawless. The ensemble comes with matching square-cut earrings that intensify a romantic aura.⁠ ⁠
J340756R , J354267E


Allow your eyes to swim in the most covetable shades of fancy colored diamonds. These natural treasures of desirable greens, blues, and pinks make up less than 1% of deposits. ⁠
J313203R, J346586R, J378072R
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Interested in trying these opulent pieces? Get in touch to arrange a private consultation and view some of the world's finest jewels.



 While our previous blog post sheds light on the different types of sapphires that cover a broad spectrum of colors, from the most sought-after blues, pinks to oranges, this feature addresses the specifics that ration why some sapphires are valued more than others; we explore the origins of sapphires, as well as considerations when choosing heated vs. unheated sapphires…

blue sapphire videos
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A quartet of oval-cut Sri Lankan sapphires forming an enchanting pair of earrings totalling almost 30 carats. The sapphires are framed with pear-shaped and marquise diamonds fanning out for optimal impact. 


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  The spotlight is on an unheated oval-cut Sri Lankan sapphire of over 9.5 carats framed with a skirt of petal-like marquise diamonds as an elegant proposition. ⁠ 
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Interested in trying these sapphire pieces? Get in touch to arrange a private consultation and view some of the world's finest jewels.

this Valentine's day

Celebrate love with meaningful and timeless jewels. If you have reached that special milestone and look to propose to your loved one soon, be sure to have a read of Dehres’ Managing Director & Head of Sales, Mr. Ronen Zion’s top advice for choosing the most extraordinary diamond ring. What about a diamond affects how it reflects light ?…




J306759E, J269718EP


Need more advice on choosing the ultimate engagement ring, or timeless piece for your loved one? The Dehres Team are here to help guide you every step of the way.

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Lunar New Year

The Chinese zodiac wheel will soon rotate, as 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Make a note of injecting greens, reds, and yellows as accents in the form of jewelry to bring prosperity and vitality according to the Chinese scale of color symbolism as you visualize the new year ahead.


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